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Amazing Top 6 Last-Minute Wedding Shopping Collection

Wedding Shopping Collection At The Eleventh Hour

The wedding day is supposed to be one of the most precious days of a bride’s life. It embarks the beginning of a new phase, which is filled with love, companionship, family and togetherness. According to Hindu tradition, there are about four to six functions and customs celebrated before the actual day of the wedding!

Each custom in the series requires a particular type of dressing. For example, in Haldi, the bride mostly chooses to wear a yellow saree, resembling the colour of Haldi (turmeric). For the function of Mehendi, to symbolise the colour of henna, the bride wears something green.

As fascinating as it sounds, the wedding preparations can get hectic really quickly. Making a checklist, staying organized and having a pre-planned budget can help you stay calm and focused.

Many brides-to-be have started finding it difficult to take out time from their busy lives to go trousseau shopping wholeheartedly. Therefore, Nirmal Creations, a Bridal wear shop in Kolkata, presents to you At The Eleventh Hour Collection, a series of carefully curated designs for all wedding functions, perfect for last-minute bridal shopping!



Wedding Shopping For Engagement Ceremony

Wedding Shopping For Engagement Ceremony

This blue and pastel pink lehenga screams of a perfect fairytale engagement!
Heavily embroidered with pearls, paired with a soft blue colour palette, the skirt gives off an essence of pure grace and innocence for you to begin the most special phase in your life!

Wedding Shopping For Mehendi Ceremony

Wedding Shopping For Mehendi Ceremony

This green patola lehenga is the perfect outfit that a bride needs for her Mehendi ceremony.
Most brides tend to wear green in this ceremony as it matches the colour of henna. The patola work gives this lehenga a traditional touch and the colour combination of green and pink makes it look like a contemporary piece of art. The stunning Kesari colour of the dupatta matched with the fall is what acts as a hero to this masterpiece!

Wedding Shopping For Cocktail Party

Wedding Shopping For Cocktail Party

What sums up a cocktail party outfit better than a black sequin lehenga?
With a perfect balance of contemporary wear and evening spirit, this lehenga will definitely make you feel the best version of yourself. Pair it with some diamond jewelry, and tons of confidence, and the spotlight will definitely be on you!

Wedding Shopping For Tilak or Sangeet Ceremony

Wedding Shopping For Tilak/Sangeet Ceremony

The most fun and dreamy function, Tilak and Sangeet ceremony, demands a lehenga as modern and fairy-like.
This peach lehenga with a touch of gold and pearl work radiates royalty, innocence, and integrity. The floral designs used in this piece give a contemporary touch and screams, making it perfect sangeet wear for the bride!

Wedding Shopping For Haldi

Wedding Shopping For Haldi

For the ritual of Haldi, a bride needs something light and hassle-free, much like this bright yellow saree resembling the colour of turmeric.
Perfectly suited for a day ceremony, this saree shines like the sun and would go brilliantly well with flowers as accessories during this custom.

Wedding Shopping For Wedding

Wedding Shopping For D-Day

If you’re eyeing a perfect, red coloured, bridal lehenga, matching the colour of red vermilion, for your D-Day, your search STOPS right here!

The heavy embroidery, floral work, and bright red colour of this masterpiece emit a regal essence, making the lehenga look graceful and center of the show.
Isn’t this just the right designer bridal lehenga that you had dreamed of all your life?

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